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Open Chess Game Play: All ages and skill-levels welcome!

When: Every Tuesday evening 7:15 pm - 11pm (or so) * * * * * Where: Aurora Turners Club, 1335 Mitchell Rd., in the Banquet Hall, downstairs.

This is just north of Indian Trail, in Aurora, east of Lake Street, west of Farnsworth.

ANCC is affiliated with the US Chess Federation and the Illinois Chess Association.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicago Tribune coverage next meeting!

Calling all chess players!  The Chicago Tribune will be visiting us this upcoming Tuesday, 12 April for an upcoming article in their publication!  Come out and let your voice, and game be 'heard'! 

As a new club seeking growth, I encourage all those players that have visited ANCC but are not 'regular' attenders, to come on out and be visible on the 12th.  Having a larger presence during their visit will promote a more positive atmosphere of chess brilliance!  ;) for our club to the greater Chicago area.  There will be a photographer present, and while you don't have to get your picture taken, it would be great to have those players that come occasionally to intersect at one time. 

Make no mistake, we have had numerous people stop in and play, just not always at the same time.  And I can only imagine that those players wish to play a more diverse group of players, and ANCC has it; you just have to be there yourself to see it!  :) 


  1. Hi my name is Alex and I wasn't even aware that we had a chess club in our area! I'll probably be coming that day with metea's board 1, waubonsie's board 1 and maybe neuqua's board 1 :).

  2. Fantastic! Great to hear! I/we look forward to seeing you there and enjoying some games.

  3. Did anything ever get published by the Tribune?