Open Game Play

Open Chess Game Play: All ages and skill-levels welcome!

When: Every Tuesday evening 7:15 pm - 11pm (or so) * * * * * Where: Aurora Turners Club, 1335 Mitchell Rd., in the Banquet Hall, downstairs.

This is just north of Indian Trail, in Aurora, east of Lake Street, west of Farnsworth.

ANCC is affiliated with the US Chess Federation and the Illinois Chess Association.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Chess is great, but hard to compete with Chi Town sports!

We had a small, but dedicated group of chess players this past Tuesday evening.  It is hard to compete when your club is in Chi Town, and the Bulls AND the Blackhawks are both playing in playoff games.  Especially, since the 'Hawks were in game 7 of 7.  However, we did turn on the TV in our playing area so our ANCC club members could watch/keep track of the game.  Needless to say, we didn't have many 'serious' games, but no matter, we had a ton of fun with casual games, playing random openings, and playing some 1 vs 2.  Thanks for the fun times !!! 

I hope to see many of you ANCC members, and other chess enthusiasts at tomorrows (Sat) DeKalbs chess clubs last Saturday tourney.  Don't forget, ANCC will be hosting our first tourney on 5 June.  It shall prove interesting, with a scholastic section also playing, and with Turners big once monthly family buffet in the morning.  I hope everyone will be open and patient to our first trying of hosting a tourney.  For whatever happens at that tourney, I will  be glad to take notice of all, and make necessary adjustments for the next one!!

From my Air Force days, people would write/say 'check six!'....  Now in my chess days, does that mean we would say/write check 'check'?  ;)

Till next time in the chess world....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Armies push through weather to win!

While the known saying that an army fights on its stomach is historic in its roots and truth, modern armies must not only be fed, but fight through all types of weather, be it hot, cold, wet or dry. 

At ANCC last night (Tuesday, 19 April 2011) we proved just that!  Feeding on Turner food, we generals pushed our forces across the board while storms raged turbulently.   At one point, our forces were pitched into darkness, but alas, quick thinking club members kept the war on across the chess table by playing via cell phone light/flashlight app!!

The power at Turners did come back on after about 15 minutes or so, but the battles did continue, and were not in the least slowed by outside forces.  Identify, adapt, and overcome!  :)

While the weather outside was frightful (I know, its not holiday time, but still) and probably kept a few players from joining us, we still had a good, strong showing.  Thanks to all that came and had fun!  Thanks Brad for the visit, and I hope your 'little brother' saw something of the chess world where he might want to join someday/time. 

Till next week, or until some news too juicy to keep until then..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful evening of chess!

A great big thank you to many people!  ANCC had several 'reportable' things to talk about.  One, a group of new players to come by and provide very strong play.  All of you gave a great opportunity to expand the varied styles of  play and ensure a large selection of strength, and styles for our ANCC members to play each week.  If you haven't been to ANCC yet, and are thinking about it, you will definitely now have a wonderful opportunity to play against a diverse group of players.

ANCC thanks you, and hope we see all of you each week! 

On a second note of thanks, I wish to thank Mary and Vicki for their enthusiasm for the game and their professional time capturing a snapshot of our ANCC through interviews and photos for the online version of the Chicago Tribune.  You both are welcome anytime to visit on either journalistic terms, or to join us in chess play!  Perhaps we will see you on our Tourney day, 5 June? :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicago Tribune coverage next meeting!

Calling all chess players!  The Chicago Tribune will be visiting us this upcoming Tuesday, 12 April for an upcoming article in their publication!  Come out and let your voice, and game be 'heard'! 

As a new club seeking growth, I encourage all those players that have visited ANCC but are not 'regular' attenders, to come on out and be visible on the 12th.  Having a larger presence during their visit will promote a more positive atmosphere of chess brilliance!  ;) for our club to the greater Chicago area.  There will be a photographer present, and while you don't have to get your picture taken, it would be great to have those players that come occasionally to intersect at one time. 

Make no mistake, we have had numerous people stop in and play, just not always at the same time.  And I can only imagine that those players wish to play a more diverse group of players, and ANCC has it; you just have to be there yourself to see it!  :)