Open Game Play

Open Chess Game Play: All ages and skill-levels welcome!

When: Every Tuesday evening 7:15 pm - 11pm (or so) * * * * * Where: Aurora Turners Club, 1335 Mitchell Rd., in the Banquet Hall, downstairs.

This is just north of Indian Trail, in Aurora, east of Lake Street, west of Farnsworth.

ANCC is affiliated with the US Chess Federation and the Illinois Chess Association.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tourney wrap up??!!

I hope to wrap up our in-house tourney this upcoming Tuesday.  We have 3 games left.  Please try to finish those games (myself included!) this upcoming Tuesday, 29 May.

Only 2 more meetings left.  I would like to not have anyone play any rated games on our last night, 5 June.  I would like to just have casual games going on, and of course the wonderful socialization between our great players and attendees.   :) 

Darin, for the ANCC

Monday, May 21, 2012

See you Tuesday!

Hope to see the great crowd that is the ANCC chess player's group tomorrow night, Tuesday, 22 May.

Darin, for the ANCC

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ending Notes...

Hello ANCC players,

Two items to make known.  One:  I would like our in-house chess tourney to be completed by our club meeting on Tuesday, May 29th.  Most of the games are in, but there are a couple players with a couple of games left, so please come in these next two weeks to cover your games.  Our goal was to have this tourney done in 3 months, and it would be great to reach that.

The other item I need to announce, which impacts the above, is that I will be moving to Kansas likely in the beginning of June, and will be unable to continue to host ANCC.  ANCC could continue in a number of ways.  One is an ANCC member becoming a Turner's member, and continue holding gatherings in our current wonderful location in Turner Hall.  A Turner member must be present at our gatherings as per Turners agreement in letting us use the facility.  Or, a current ANCC player could facilitate the club at a different location.  I would love to see the club continue, but it does take time and commitment to keep the club going. 

As some of you know, I have been looking for full-time work for some time, and I have some opportunities in Wichita Kansas that I am pursuing.  In addition, my school age kids live there, and I wish to be back with them and more involved with their activities and such.  I am looking at the first week of June to be moving.  We could meet one last time at ANCC on 5 June, but I am not for sure on that yet.  Hence, finishing up the tourney by 29 May.  Even if we were to meet on 5 June, it would be nice to have the tourney finished anyway, and have more time for casual games. 

It is very sad to say good-bye to ANCC.  I truly appreciate and value the frienships of all of you, and hope to stay in touch as I continue my journey.  I also hope to start a chess club in Wichita, and perhaps us chess players will meet in other chess venues and events!


Friday, May 11, 2012

May Musings

Hello All!

ANCC will again meet this upcoming Tuesday evening, 15 May.  I sincerely do appreciate the new faces at our little chess gathering, and it was great to see some familiar faces that I/we haven't seen for a while.  :) 

The weather looks to be nice, but please come on out and share in our fun.  Get in some games be them serious or casual against some regular members as well as against some fresher faces to give your game a wrinkle and new challenge or look to your usual 'lines'.  Or, even go over the games from the currently running World Championship match being held in Moscow.

Whatever the reason you choose to be with us at ANCC, I look forward to seeing you there!

Darin, for the ANCC

Monday, May 7, 2012

ANCC will meet Tuesday, 8 May

I look forward to yet another great night of chess and camaraderie Tuesday, 8 May!!

Come on out to enjoy the games, and/or the company of some wonderful people.  You can get some casual games in, plus of course some serious games if you wish as well.

Our in-house tourney is getting close to finishing off.  There are a handful of games left yet to be played.  As of right now:
      Name      Points (out of 7)       Games Left to be played
    Kyle                    7                                -
  Mike                     5                                 -
  Darin                     4                                2  (versus Kelebrant & Kevin)
  Kelebrant              4                                 1  (versus Darin)
   Jason                   1                                 2  (vs. Matt & Kevin)
 Kevin                    .5                                 3  (vs. Darin, Jason & Matt)
  Mark                    .5                                1  (vs. Matt)
  Matt                      0                                 3  (vs Mark, Jason & Kevin)