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Monday, March 17, 2014

Aurora Chess Club Members Excel at 2014 K-8 Championships

First Grader Vrishank Ramnath swept all seven rounds of the K-1 Section to claim the championship at the ICA's 2014 State Championships played March 15 and 16 in Schaumburg.

Vrishank defeated the highest-rated player in the section, Arthur Xu, in the 5th round, and finished off the tournament with a victory over kindergartner Alex Zhao in the final round. With the top tiebreak of the 5.5/7 finishers, Alex claimed the fourth place trophy in the section (out of 97 participants). 

Alex has since joined the ANCC club. Welcome Alex!

Vrishank managed to raise his USCF rating 168 points from the event, over 1100!  

Kevin Ho finished in a multi-way tie for 16th in the Grades 4-5 section, scoring an impressive 5.0/7. On tiebreaks, Kevin took home the second place trophy for fifth grade. Congrats to Kevin!  209 players competed in the Grades 4-5 division.

Brian Gong compiled a 5.5 score in the Grades 4-5 section, tying for 8th place, bringing home the 12th place trophy on tiebreaks. Brian's only loss was to eventual champion Shreya Mangalam.

By virtue of his official USCF rating over 1500 as a 9 year old, Brian was named to the prestigious Warren Junior Scholars Class of 2014. Congratulations, Brian!

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