Open Game Play

Open Chess Game Play: All ages and skill-levels welcome!

When: Every Tuesday evening 7:15 pm - 11pm (or so) * * * * * Where: Aurora Turners Club, 1335 Mitchell Rd., in the Banquet Hall, downstairs.

This is just north of Indian Trail, in Aurora, east of Lake Street, west of Farnsworth.

ANCC is affiliated with the US Chess Federation and the Illinois Chess Association.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!!

Be at ANCC this Tuesday for a celebration of warm temps outside, and a warm friendly environment inside that each of our friendly, and energetic players/observers brings to the table at ANCC!!

I look forward to seeing all of you there! Be sure to come on by, since the month of March brings spring break, and we will lose a week of ANCC later in the month (27 March).  So come visit us, and be a part of the fun!!

So, again, we will be meeting this Tuesday, 13 March for a night of chess and social networking :)

Darin, for the ANCC.

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