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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Club Tourney??!

I need your feedback chess players!!!

How would you all feel about a rated tournament, played over the course of several weeks during club time???

Benefits:  We/You would not be rushed to get in several rated games in one setting, relieving those of us that sometimes run into time issues (pun intended :) ) on our calendars.  I envision one rated tourney game every time you attend OR one every other week, depending on length of time controls set. 

Also, if you miss a night or two, that is not an issue really, since the tourney would run a couple months (or so), and you would have time to get the games in.  We could schedule a round robin, and even a swiss at the same time, giving options and opportunities to play each time you do come to club. 

This might also help drive people into coming to club to play. 

Of course, it gives players the opportunity to complete additional rated games. 

We could keep cost low by only requiring a fee big enough to cover the filing/rating fee required by the USCF.  Or, if a large enough group made the issue known, we could increase the tourney fee to cover the costs of trophies, and/or prizes (books, cash, etc.).

Downside:  it does require you to come in and play regularly (hence, a 'club tourney') that may keep some people away that just normally attend weekend one day/multiple day events.  And, it would not be a 'money maker' that perhaps some clubs might use to help defray costs of running a club.

So, there you have it.  Let me know your thoughts either by commenting to this post (it will email me) or by emailing me directly, or by simply coming to club and talking with me.  I truly wish your feedback.  I think this could be a good idea and fun to try. 

Darin, for the ANCC.

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